As horseback archery is still a bit of a niche sport in the UK, it can sometimes be difficult to source equipment to begin with. So here are some (hopefully) useful links to suppliers…..

Firstly, of course, you will need a copy of the new BHAA Manual, which is available to order from Blurb here or from Quicks Archery here

The book is full of useful information about choosing equipment and even making your own arrows etc. as well as pretty much everything you will ever need to know about the sport. There are loads of fabulous photographs too – including some of certain familiar horses to us at CMA 🙂

Screenshot (236)For those just starting out, and younger archers, we recommend Snake bows. These are cheaply available from Quicks or Merlin Archery. They are made of plastic, with a low draw weight and are very easy to use. They do have a small arrow shelf, which is not allowed in competition, but this can easily be rectified with the addition of a bit of foam wrap on the grip. We use the 48″ Junior one, as the longer one can be a bit unwieldy on horseback.


We have used these bows with wooden or aluminium arrows, the wooden ones don’t do so well if they hit the wall in the indoor school however…..aluminium Easton Neos or Jazz arrows work well with these bows and tend to last longer (especially if you also invest in an arrow straightener). Arrows for horseback archery should be feather fletched as plastic vanes don’t flatten as you shoot, so they will hit your hand and the bow. That means that the arrow won’t fly straight and the fletchings will come off.

When you are ready to upgrade, there is a huge range of bows available, depending on your budget. We recommend fibreglass bows from Ali Bow as a good starting point, they are light and smooth and won’t break the bank. Our members also have a Kaya Windfighter,  a Nomad KTB and a couple of bows from a Hungarian bow shop, Flagella Dei.

Below is a list of links to other bowyers and shops, offering horsebows at a range of prices:

Ali Bow



Recurve Bowshop

Saluki Bows

The Longbow Shop

Quicks Archery

We would also recommend investing in a bow hand glove since horsebows have no arrow rest, perhaps an arm guard and if you are learning to shoot with the thumb draw, some sports tape to protect the thumb. When you are ready to consider horseback archery quivers, you can find more information here.