We strongly encourage anyone taking up the sport to consider getting qualified. The British Horseback Archery Association has developed a qualification system consisting of three levels:

Club Horseback Archer is covered by Syllabus A below. Gaining this award indicates that the horseback archer has a grasp of all the basics, such that they will be able to  participate safely in a group training session. This award can be gained at walk, trot and canter.

BHAA Syllabus A _Aug16

Intermediate Horseback Archer and Club Coach are covered by Syllabus B. They require a much greater depth of knowledge and that the applicant has qualified as a range safety officer. The club coach must have a recognised teaching qualification.

BHAA Syllabus B _Aug16

Advanced Horseback Archer requires the applicant to hold the IHAA HA1 grade and to have extensive knowledge of all areas and practical ability in the more testing riding and shooting techniques. The Advanced Coach must have a teaching qualification and be able to teach all techniques. These are covered by Syllabus C.

BHAA Syllabus C _Aug16

Syllabus D covers the requirements for Range Safety Officers, both mounted and unmounted.

BHAA Syllabus D _Aug16 (2)

Below is a summary of all of the different levels.

Summary chart _Aug16 (1)

There is a BHAA Manual accompanying the qualifications which can be purchased here or here

Those wishing to start a qualification should apply to the BHAA for a logbook (which will be emailed as a PDF to be printed out at home). The cost of the logbook is £5 and this cost will be deducted from the fee for the qualification when it is completed.


Logbook £5
Club horseback archer £20 / £10 for concessions (junior, student, disabled)
Intermediate horseback archer £45
Club coach £45
Advanced horseback archer £60
Advanced coach £60
Pin badge for any of the above £5  (plus postage if required)


Within 2 years of getting a qualification you may convert it to the other qualification based on the same syllabus (i.e. coaching / practical) for just £10. E.g. an intermediate horseback archer who completes the necessary coaching training need only pay £10 to get his club coach (within 2 years of getting his intermediate hba) rather than the full fee of £45.


Range safety officer (ground) Free
Range safety officer (mounted) Free
Pin badge £5