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BHAA National Championships 2016

On September 17th and 18th the BHAA National Championships were held at Old Mill Stables in Cornwall for the second year running. So most of the members of Cotteswold Mounted Archers made  the long trip down there, although due to financial and work constraints, we didn’t take our horses this time. Our newest member, Nicola, was already there when we arrived, having gone down a couple of days earlier to ensure she’d have time to do her assessment for Club Archer before the competition began. She easily passed her assessment, despite having only taken up the sport a couple of months ago.


Day one started with horse tryouts, followed by the first group of competitors doing the Hungarian competition, using a brand new target all the way from Poland. After lunch we then had the new Walk Course competition, for the younger archers and Nicola, who won the class. Eowyn came fourth, but still won the “who can get the most golds” competition she had going with Nicola, with I believe a bar of chocolate at stake……..



The day then finished with a second group of archers doing the Hungarian competition. Ali, sticking to the Tolkien-themed horse names, rode a cob called Bilbo and Alex got Tia, a very marish mare,  complete with sparkly browband.

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After a pleasant evening in the pub for dinner and chat, we were up early again on Sunday morning for day two. In the morning was the Korean competition, two runs of single shot, two of double and finally two of triple shot. Then in the afternoon was the Aussie Triple competition for the student grade archers, followed by the Mamluk for the HA grade competitors. The local BBC news cameraman had even arrived for this last stage, to film a few runs and interview a couple of the riders. We did have to stop a run at one point when he decided to stroll up to one of the targets to position his camera next to it!!

Al and Éowyn were fitted out with our new GoPro helmet cam, some footage from that (with a lot of talking from Éowyn) as well as the rest of the competition is here:

Then all that remained was to announce the winners. Overall winner and new British Champion was Simon Harding, followed by Oisín Curtis of Old Mill Stables in second and one of his students, 15 year old Amy O’Connor in third.


CMA came away with a first and fourth in the walk class (Nicola and Éowyn) and third and sixth in the Australian Triple (Alex and Aliénor).